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Welcome to PolarNightCine Photo & Cinematography! This is my humble little page on the corner of the internet. PolarNightCine website is a hobbyist photography and cinematography blog where I share my work.

My photos are in categories. You can browse them by the style of photography, by the camera manufacturer, or just by cameras overall which will list everything on this site.

I have always liked taking photographs but have been serious for only a couple of years. I used to be a Canon user for the longest time. My first digital camera was a Canon point & shoot. After that, I bought my first DSLR, Canon 600D. I used that for 10 years. I never bought additional lenses or other accessories for it. Canon 600D has very limited video features, which put me on the market for a new one and I ended up with a Fujifilm camera for the first time. I ended up buying Fujifilm X-S10 because it has IBIS for an affordable price.


Check my categories below! I hope you enjoy PolarNightCine Photo & Cinematography. At the moment I do landscape, street, and festive photography. I’m interested in doing other things in the future as well, like portraits, motorsports, and wildlife.


When it comes to video production I’m in the process of making something cinematic, not movies with plots and actors per se but something nicely crafted, edited, and put together what a one-man team with a shoelace budget can do. Creativity is the key after all! When this will happen I launch my Youtube channel for it and add a video category to this website and embed the videos from Youtube.

I’m also on Instagram! I’ll post only samples there, so make sure to visit this website as well! Check it out and follow me there!